Why because Marsell has EXPERIENCE. With countless successful weddings, her experience and expertise will be applied to your wedding.
Whycome the big day you can count on being a ball of nerves due to the fact that you are getting married, but not so much because you are orchestrating a wedding.
Whybecause instead of spending precious time on your wedding day fixing problems, you can let her serve as a buffer between you and any issues, allowing you to be the bride!
Whybeing able to turn all the day of details over to her will take a lot off your mind and spirit and will help keep your “Happy Glow”
Why It is amazing to have a professional to bounce ideas off of, suggesting ways to tweak ideas and make them even better.
Why from the moment you step in to get your hair and make-up done, you worried about NOTHING. And neither do your my bridesmaids, or your mom. She will help you enjoy the 1000’s of hours of planning you put into your special day.
“I have the instincts on how to handle every situation that arises. From stains on your gown to a fainting bridesmaid...I've been there, done that. My experience is why you hire me.”…..Marsell Guillen "
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